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Don’t be afraid to reach out and send us a message, anonymous or not. We’re here to help. 

Idranktheseawater talks helping someone with PTSD

!!! Also. My significant other is too sad, and if I were to break up with him, then it would make him feel worse. I don't want him to do anything far out there like kill himself or self harm.

(Answered in part one) 

Do you think that it's possible a friend/significant other can be too self absorbed, too negative, and too self hating? Like, can that create a toxic relationship? I have a significant other who gets upset almost every other day and complains that he isn't useful. And it really bothers me. Please trust me, I love helping him. But it's getting exhausting. I love him to DEATH, but I can't handle this sometimes. I don't know what to do. This is my third time askin someone this I want perspective :>

Of course they can! Mental illness can make people very self-absorbed (not intentionally) but they have so much going on in their own head that they can lose sight of what is going on around them. In my non-expert opinion, yes it sounds like your relationship is a little toxic, through the fault of no one. 

Honestly? You are his boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, you can be there for them as much as you like- but it is not your job to be their therapist. I would suggest talking about it to his or her parents/family members and make them aware of what is going on in the relationship, help build a support network and encourage them to get help. 

Think of yourself as well. If you feel like the relationship is toxic and you want out- then get out. You need to take care of yourself and it is no good for either of you if you’re in a relationship that is unhealthy and makes you unhappy. If they try to harm themselves or threaten you with self harm or suicide, then call the police. Telling someone you will harm yourself or someone else if they end things is manipulation and a form of emotional abuse. It is often a last resort for a person who feels that they are losing control of a situation. I know it’s hard, but don’t give into it. Call emergency services and let them handle the situation. 

Lastly, if you feel you need to talk to someone- do it. There are plenty of people out there who have been through your situation and you are not alone. 

I hope that helps xx Let me know how it goes and stay strong <3 

i came as anon because i am so embarrassed that i'll be ignored and judged. :( i feel really sad lately and i just want to die. no one cares about what im feeling. if i tell them about what i truly feel, they'll just tell me that i'm being overly dramatic and nonsense. clearly i dont mean anything. :( i just want to get over this pain.

Hey beautiful <3 

I am here to tell you that the last thing you are being is dramatic or weak. You are a human being, and with that comes emotions- emotions that we can’t control. It makes me incredibly sad for you to think that you feel like you can’t tell anyone. Honestly? Not everyone will be supportive, but the second someone is makes all the other stuff worth it. There are tonnes of people out there who love you and care about you. 

You do not have to justify your emotions just because they don’t match up with traditional lines of mental illness. Just because someone has it, in your eyes, worse off than you, does not make your emotions any less real, legitimate or important. Please, I implore you to reach out to someone. You are a beautiful human being who deserves love and support in a difficult time. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to someone in your life, there are people out who are trained to help you, and if you need- there is a list of numbers (specific to country) on my page <333 Please just try it.

You’re not weak. You’re beautiful. You can get through this. i love you <3

so weak and gutless. im ashamed to feek so sorry and sad for myself because i dont deserve to and so i dont want to tell anybody. im just so tired of being sad all i want to do is sleep. im sorry for ranting so much. i just dont know what to do

(To be answered in part four)

and i feel like i cant handle it anymore. somtimes i want to die but i know thats not the way out so im just stuck here suffering. i dont know what to do because i dont want to gwt help but i do atthe same time. i feel ashamed that im so weak

(To be answered in part four)

To everyone this Valentines Day: 

You are strong. You are beautiful. You are brave. 

I am so, so proud of you for fighting and living. I know you can get through this because I have faith in you, even if you don’t have faith in yourself. 

I love you. 

Fantastic Stay Strong/Recovery/Mental Health Youtubers

You guys probably notice that I post a lot of youtube videos in regards to advice or coping methods in regards to a range of mental health issues! There are so many amazing YouTubers out there, and I thought you guys could benefit from their knowledge, expertise and experience

Downtownpatrol (Laura)- She’s incredible! She deals with Self harm, eating disorders, depression and anxiety! Aside from being funny and easy going, she has some great points and tips for recovery. She’s realistic and real (not to mention she has the coolest hair I’ve ever seen), I think that’s what drew me to her videos. She is a huge influence on this blog! 

BlakeBliss - I’ve mentioned him before, he (along with Laura) is probably one of my biggest inspirations of all time. He’s a YouTube musician with a series called ‘Beyond Obscurity’ which deals with all of life’s big issues, depression, eating disorders, bullying, sexuality, mental health etc. He has a lot to say on a whole range of topics and I guarantee he will change your life! Give him a look! 

Idranktheseawater (Melissa)- Melissa is probably the first YouTuber whose videos I ever watched in relation to mental health! She deals a lot with eating disorders, self harm, depression and tourettes syndrome. She’s honest and open, again very real! Her eating disorder coping videos are some of the best! Definitely give her a watch. Melissa has also written a book, which is an incredible read and details her struggles with mental illness and self injury (available here

KatiMorton (Kati)-I definitely wish I’d found her videos sooner! She’s actually a therapist, and lives by the motto ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy body’. Her videos are informative, helpful and direct. She covers a huge range of mental health issues, but mostly covers topics to do with eating disorders. 

xSullengirlx (Christie)- This list wouldn’t be complete without Sullengirl! Christie is a real YouTube veteran, having been around for more then six years! Her videos are insightful, and to me she’s been a real inspiration recovery-wise. Her aim is to spread awareness of self injury and mental health, she actually makes incredible jewellery to promote self injury awareness, (available here). She has some great videos covering things like Self-harm, depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder. She’s a truly beautiful soul and a generally lovely person. 

SelfHarmSupportis a collaboration channel featuring on occasion, some of the above YouTubers. They are a very unique group of individuals from different backgrounds who come together to promote self injury awareness and recovery! I absolutely adore all of them! 

PositiveMindProject- Another collaboration channel, (ft. Downtownpatrol) who focus on everything mental health related, from anxiety to eating disorders and depression- these guys have everything you need! They’re a beautiful group of people who are dedicated to helping the world become a better place. 

lotsofcurlz36One of my favourite young youtubers! Lotsofcurlz36 dedicated her videos solely to a disorder she has suffered for a long time- Tourette’s  Syndrome. Her aim is to raise awareness for TS and to bring the disorder into a more positive light. She has a positive, sunny outlook on life, her videos are well informed- she definitely knows what she’s talking about, and I really enjoy her videos!

JustASkinnyBoy (Elijah)- Elijah is one of my newer YouTube finds and he is really just a beautiful soul. He posts some amazing stuff. His videos are extremely heartfelt. Elijah encourages his subscribers to send him their self harm tools in an effort for them to stop hurting themselves. He has such a big heart, and it shines through in his videos. 

9343abs (Abi)- Abi!! She’s one of my favourite mental health YouTubers and I am lucky enough to have interacted with her a bunch on Tumblr. Abi deals with a range of real life stuff such as LGBT and identity issues, depression, self-harm and anxiety. Her videos are informative, open and real. She brings to the table a wisdom beyond her years. 

Hi. Im Bea. I really need an advice or someone to talk to. Can you tell me what's wrong with me? I often feel sad but I can still manage it. Why am I sad? Because I realized I don't have friends anymore. My old friends - we're far from each other so we have't been together even in social sites it seems like we're hesitating to chat each other. You know sometimes I feel like I'm always the one who needs to ask them if they are okay or what are they up too. You know, all my friends left me.

I don’t think it’s good to “force” relationship, I mean if they’re really your friends they souldn’t hesitate to text you and have some news from you once in a while. You can still send them messages here and there but if you see that they take ages to reply or give vagues answers like “yeah I’m okay. Nothing’s going on at the moment and you ?”. It just mean that you guys drifted apart and don’t be sad about it, accept it.

Accept it and move on, life’s like this “you lose some, you win some”. Try to go out and make new friends. Find new people, not to replace the old ones, but just to create genuine brand new and fresh relationships, it always feels good.

Good luck :)


My boyfriend found out that I self harm and he was really sweet about and said I could talk to him about it, but he also said he would be pissed if I did it again and I don't know what to do because I know I'm going to do it again...

If your boyfriend wants to help you stop self harming then let him do so ! Let him be your strenght.

Of course you’re going to relapse sometimes and if he never did it himself he won’t totaly understand and of course he’d be pissed cause he wants you to stop but in the end he does it for your own good. YOu have to make him understand that relapses are part of the processus while healing. But next time you want to do it think of him, call him, write something, get it out of your systeme. It’s gonna be hard but it will be okay <3

Stay strong <3

There's this guy he often chats me asking hows my day he always tell me he miss me and he want to see me and be together he tells me sweet words i don't even believe on what he is saying i think he is just playing around w/ me i can't judge but i don't see his sincerity and i don't have feelings for him what he is doing is just nothing for me he is in province i'm in the city destiny says were not for each other why is it that u don't like the one who likes u and vice versa what will i do to him

Just don’t lead him on.

Tell him you don’t have feelings for him. He’s gonna get hurt trying if you don’t want to be with him

There’s nothing wrong with no liking someone back, just tell him clearly, don’t be too harsh and rude  about it just a simple “hey, look you’re really sweet and I like that you’re paying attention to me but I don’t share your feelings. I’m not into you the way you are. I’m sorry”.

And don’t go with the “but we can still be friends”. That’s some bull-ish- as far as I’m concerned unless you really want to and planning to actualy make efforts as being his friends, do not say that.

Good luck !

I'm afraid to ask for help because I feel like I get on everyone's nerves already. My parents even get mad when I go to them. They say they can't believe I'd let something bother me. I feel so alone and depressed. I hate myself and I have no support.

I know exactly how you feel.

I wouldn’t say it’s “normal”, but I noticed a good majority of poeple who are depressed or feel alone have this impression that they can’t talk to anyone and they let stupid liltle things bothers them, which bother people ..

But listen, I don’t know your situation, I don’t know you or your life but I know that when you start to feel alone, you have a bad tendency to isolate yourself and it becomes a vicious circle. Don’t fall into that. Go out, talk to someone you trust, a good friend. Don’t be affraid. You should feel conmfortable enough with your friends to tell them you’re not okay. If you feel you can’t trust them ( yeah it migh be liltle things but it requires trust to talk about them freely with someone else)

Don’t be affraid to seek help, it’s the best you can do. I did that when I needed it and trust me it’s no big deal.

Lot of luck <3